Wellington Saddle Club
Wellington Saddle Club is a friendly riding club open to all adults (aged over 17) who are regular riders at Wellington Riding. The club runs competitions in showjumping and dressage and there are opportunities to take part in cross country clinics, jumpcross, holidays and social events. Clients who do not own their own horse can hire a riding school horse and compete alongside livery owners on their own horses. 
Membership to the club costs £15 per year and entry to each event is the price of a group lesson minus 20%. If you pre-book 5 Saddle Club events (and are a member of Wellington Riding), each event will cost £25.20. This includes the hire of a riding school horse (if necessary), a 30 minute warm up session with instruction available if required, and entry into the competition. Members book into the event via the office in the same way as riding lessons are booked.  
The club is very friendly and caters for riders of all levels. New members will be placed in a league suitable for their ability. There are 3 showjumping leagues (novice, intermediate and advanced) and 3 dressage leagues (novice, restricted and open). Five 'point scoring' showjumping and dressage events are held each year and members collect points from each event. Those with the highest number of points at the end of the year are awarded trophies.  
After each event, members socialise in the Nosebag clubhouse where the results are announced and rosettes awarded. New members are warmly welcomed.  
If you would like to join, membership forms are available in the clubhouse on the saddle club noticeboard. Alternatively you can use our Contact page.
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19th and 20th June 2014 - Saddle Club Course  
4th July - Combined Training (Test N28)
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